Choosing Great Booklet Borders

When used effectively, booklet borders can serve a greater purpose than simply adding decoration around the different elements of your commercial print. Whether you isolate a group of text or images so that they would be noticed first or so that they would not distract from the more important parts of the booklet design, borders give you a certain amount of control on what your customers will focus on. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing booklet borders.

Space. Booklet borders are only effective when they are used in a way that does not clutter up the print area. Otherwise, you would need to rearrange the text and the images in your booklet so that adding a border would add beauty and emphasis instead of clutter. Print space would also determine what border design would work best for you, but the border type would have to be considered with other factors in mind as well. Just make sure to clear up enough space for a good border without making your booklet seem empty.

Purpose. A border used to encompass a group of text and information is different from one that is used to frame certain images. The former is a good tool in organizing the train of thought of your booklet while the latter is for drawing attention to logos and images that you would want your customer to remember. Make sure to remember that a border should not overpower either text or images and should instead add that missing component that would complete the overall look of your booklet. Knowing what you want your border to do is essential if you want to choose a good border design.

Design. There are many different things to consider when choosing great border designs, the previous two points included. Choose simple, monochromatic borders in order to achieve a formal look and use colorful, flashy border designs if you want to invoke a feeling of celebration. Do not be too flashy, though, because the main purpose of your booklet remains to be the efficient transfer of information. You would not your customers to lose sight of what you are trying to say just because your border design is too loud. Border designs are easier to choose during special occasions such as holidays because you would have general ideas on design elements relevant to the occasion.

A good booklet can contain a good number of borders, each having its own purpose within the overall printing plan. And when you have a good grasp on the proper use and implementation of borders, it would be easier for you to control what your customers will get from reading your booklet. Border selection is therefore a crucial matter, but do not worry because a good printing company swill be right there for you.

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