What is Brochure Litho Printing?

When it comes to printing brochures, crisp and vivid images are vital to the success of the product. If the front is intriguing, a prospect will more than likely unfold it to read more. The printing technique used by a commercial printing company is therefore closely related to how effective your brochures will turn out, and for PrintPlace.com one of the methods employed is brochure litho printing. What, then, is litho printing and how does it.

In the past, lithographic printing is a technique which made use of flat stones in transferring images onto different media. Nowadays, these stones have been replaced by flat metal plates, but the principle behind the method is still the same. In fact, this principle is what makes it possible to print without needing to raise or carve into surfaces, setting litho printing apart from other techniques such as intaglio and letterpress printing.

Lithography makes use of the fact that oil will not blend with water. Thus, in order to create prints using oil-based inks, the part of the surface that will hold the image must attract oil and repel water. For the blank portions, it is entirely the other way around. The substances and surfaces used by various printers may differ, but the same concept governs all lithographic processes.  

Another printing technique, called offset printing, is also commonly used alongside color brochure litho printing. Offset basically means “to transfer”, and in offset lithography, the image is basically just transferred from the plate onto a rubber mat before it is finally transferred onto paper. Printplace.com takes advantage of offset lithography in producing high quality brochures and other products.

Rest assured that PrintPlace.com makes use of only the best printing techniques available and produces only the most attention-catching and effective brochures. At unbeatable wholesale prices and with so many professional services available, PrintPlace.com is sure to be the brochure printer you desire.

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