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No matter the type of company with which you are involved, more than likely you will need to carry business cards. You may place your cards in the office, carry a handful in your wallet for that unexpected prospect you could meet, or hand them out at meetings. You probably know to use your card as a form of advertisement by placing it at other businesses, online, or on community boards. Yet, you may still be limiting the use of your business card. Below are some ideas to help you break out of ordinary business card design and create a versatile marketing tool that will lower your cost and reach more clients.

1. Double your business cards as miniature brochures by printing a folded style. Make sure that your catchy phrase and logo are printed on the front while inside the card is your text explaining the product or services and your contact information. You may want to print in a slightly larger size to use as a mailout. When you place your order, ask your printer to mail a certain amount of the cards to your mailing list and send the leftovers to you to hand out to prospects or other companies. Leave space on the back for the address and stamp. While a larger size limits you from carrying them in your wallet, they are great for keeping at the office or in a booth at an event.

2. Flat over-sized business cards can be used as postcards, which can also be mailed by your printer to a designated mailing list. Choose a bold headline with a brief phrase that inspires motivation for the front. Use graphic artwork or a photograph of your product as the background being careful to not overwhelm the text. On the back, print your contact information, leaving space for the mailing necessities.

3. Your business card design can be used as a template to be printed on other company stationery. For instance, use the artwork as a letterhead for corporate mailings. Personalize envelopes with your design so that customers will recognize your company and be more likely to open the envelope.

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However you decide to design your business card, remember to use full color as this will enhance interest, include only the most pertinent information to avoid clutter, and create a tone that is consistent with your message. Then choose a printer that will enable you to customize your card to your benefit, which is what does for you. We offer free templates for download or even a design team to help with your design. For over-sized business cards, choose the smallest size on our postcard or brochure options. We also provide folded business cards for a unique look. Other custom options include mailing services, horizontal or vertical printing, full color, seven paper stocks, and three finishes. For a printer that will give you freedom in design, choose and create a business card without limits.

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