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Business cards remind clients of your conversation and provide the necessary information for future contact. You card can also act as an advertisement on bulletin boards or in offices. No matter your purpose, choose business card graphics that will capture the attention of prospects and accurately represent your company.

1. A logo personalizes your business card by distinguishing your business from other companies. Incorporating your logo into your design also enhances the image of your company. You want prospects to have clear image in mind when they think of your company, so avoid generic artwork, as your business card will become just another forgotten business exchange.

2. Photographs are often used by real estate agents, public speakers, or other businesses that rely on relationships. One drawback is that your photo can become outdated, so be sure to make it as timeless as possible. Wear classic, solid colors and avoid an overdone hairdo and too much makeup and jewelry. Use a professional picture so that your business card retains its high quality appearance.

3. Full color backgrounds help your business card to stand out, especially when the font color distinctly contrasts the background. Avoid colors or images that hide your text. Background images, like pictures or art, should be transparent enough for the text to still be visible. A more apparent image may need to be placed around the text to avoid overwhelming the font.

Once you choose your business card graphics and design the layout, find a printer that can insure high quality. is the printing company that can produce the professional results you need. We have full color printing with seven business card stock options. We also offer three coating options, the choice of rounded or square corners, and horizontal or vertical printing. We provide free templates for you to download to help you create your card. Use for your printing company and receive business cards with graphics that will capture the attention you desire.

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