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When designing your business card, you probably know to include such information as the company name, your name, address, phone numbers, email, and web address. You may also know that including graphics, especially business card logos, can enhance the professionalism and attraction of the card. Generic artwork never stands out as well as a custom logo. Associations encourage memory retention; therefore, a logo, a visual association, will better enable prospects to recall your company. The more striking the logo, the more likely clients will remember you whenever they need to purchase your services or products. Just be sure to carefully choose your graphic, since business card logos make or break the effectiveness of your card. Here are a few tips to ensuring a business card logo that clients are sure to remember.

1. Color is a must.
A logo must incorporate the colors of the company to be an effective branding tool. If you have already chosen company colors, you may find them to be unusable in a logo, which means that you may need to rethink your color brand. For your logo to be memorable, the colors need to create contrast as well as send the right message. For instance, red and green are eye-catching together, but are most often used for Italian or Christmas branding. Limit yourself to 2 or 3 colors at the most, since more will limit the memorable factor of your logo.

2. The design should be simple.
Peruse sample logos online to get some ideas for designing your logo. Some logos contain text, while others are simply a picture or design that represents the company. Whatever you decide, the logo design should be simple. Too complicated, and your logo may not transfer well from a business card to a poster. Or, even worse, no one will remember your logo. Fonts with too many curves will be unreadable on a business card. Too intricate of a design will be lost when downsized. Also, be sure to choose a design that corresponds with your products or services. Remember, a logo is an association, so help your customers remember this association more easily with a relevant design.

3. A tagline completes the message.
Although a tagline is not necessarily considered part of the logo, business card logos are very often accompanied by one. Really, any advertisement that is limited on space will need to include your tagline, especially if you are a new or unknown company. Including a tagline will enable customers to eventually associate that message with your company anytime they see your logo. When writing your tagline, think about what your company does and what makes your company better, or at least different, from the rest, and fit that message into a short description or sentence. Not sure where to start? Write down as many words associated with your industry as you can think of, then try different combinations of these words. Often, this is all you need to get the creative juices flowing. Just be sure to gather help and opinions from several different co-workers for the best results.

4. Finally, print high quality business cards.
Nothing is worse than losing professionalism on a poor print job. uses the full color method of printing to insure that your business cards come off the press looking even better than when you sent in the order. Plus, we offer wholesale prices along with such options as seven card stocks, three coatings, and two sizes. We also provide two proof options and free templates. For a more unique look, print folded cards. We even offer the choice of rounded corners.

If after following these tips, you are still unsure if your business card logo is a memorable one, seek the advice of a professional designer. You may even be able to get a discount if you have already a few sample colors, designs, and taglines gathered.

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