Basic Tips in Printing Your Calendars

Customers keep calendars nearby year-round, and that's why smart marketers reach for calendars when they want to make a lasting impression. Here's what's Calendar Printing services have to offer.

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For calendars to be effective, they have to look stunning while effectively keeping your information available. That means you need a team who can bring professional calendars to print at a great price. goes even farther with our on time and satisfaction guarantees in addition to our price match guarantees. We provide the best instant pricing tool available so that you can easily choose your calendar printing options while seeing your quote change immediately.

Sending calendars to print requires just a few considerations on your part. Choose graphics that will connect with your customers. In fact, you may want to create a couple of different calendar designs so that your customers can choose what they like. Be sure to use high resolution photographs - 300 to 1200 dpi - as the quality of photos will make or break the success of your promotional tool. Last of all, don't forget to include your contact information and logo in an inconspicuous location on every page. Then simply leave the rest to our professional printing team here at, and you'll be sure to receive calendars that your customers will love enough to display. 

Follow the secifications provided to ensure your artwork prints correctly. Our templates are provided as a ZIP files and include InDesign templates with EPS images.

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Be sure to DELETE "template layer" before you submit your files.

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Some Tips and Ideas In Printing Your Calendars

Businesses reach for calendars because, when done right, customers keep the calendar in front of them all year. Successful calendars incorporate a couple of basic principles and take advantage of particular features. So here are a few ideas we'd like to share when printing out your calendars.

The Right Design
First and foremost, your calendars are only going to be used if your customers like your calendar design. The best way to make sure you give your customers something they like is to produce several designs. Landscapes, animals, babies, and inspirational calendar designs are the most popular formats. By giving your customers a choice, they are much more likely to keep your calendars around all year.

High Resolution Photos
A big mistake businesses make is to use anything less than high resolution photos. Calendars showcase a large image. If that image is grainy, pixilated, or otherwise looks to be of poor quality; your customers will notice.
To avoid low quality prints, make sure your images are at least 300 dpi. In fact, some business print at 1200 dpi just to be sure the images come out sharp and clear. If your images look grainy or pixilated before you send your calendars to press, they will look that way when they get back from the press.

Logo and Contact Information
Make sure you include your logo and contact information on every page of your calendar. Exposing your customer to your brand is the whole point of producing calendars. Don’t be shy. You don’t have to make your logo and other brand information be too large for it to have the right effect.
Consider keeping your logo on the main graphic while putting your contact information in the footer or along the bottom of the actual calendar dates. This keeps your logo in view and your contact information in reach.
Final Thoughts
Taking your calendar to a printer is a big deal and a few tips can help make sure you get the most out of your calendars, but just as important is using a printer you can trust. Here at, we offer the options and services you need for your calendar printing. Better yet, we back our work, prices, and turnaround time with a guarantee for your complete satisfaction.


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