Creating Sales Brochures

Sales brochures are a powerful method for promoting your business. They can be used to alert customers of new or existing products and services or help your firm stand out from other companies. Creating sales brochures, though, can be a daunting task. Most businesses know that a powerful brochure is well-organized, attractive, and informative yet are unsure of how to achieve this goal. By following the tips below, you can create an effective sales brochure to meet your needs.

Design must begin with a clear direction. Before you begin choosing the layout or text, plan your message, audience, and image. From this follows your tone. Whether your message is to introduce new products or to simply inform clients of your company and its services, make sure that your entire brochure stays on this topic. Otherwise, you risk producing a confusing hodge-podge of information that overwhelms the reader. Keeping your audience in mind helps to give your brochure an effective design. A retirement community should use photographs of both retired singles and couples. A company selling instruments to young bands should choose edgy colors and text. The last stage of planning, your image, should be fairly simple since it involves your company look or tone. Your image should be strong enough that customers immediately distinguish you from other companies.

After planning, the details of your brochure follow much more smoothly. As you choose colors, text, and layout, check to make sure they compliment your plans. The first detail involves your layout. Templates are powerful tools for organization. Using headlines and subheadings allows for easy reading. Write short sentences with catchy phrases to avoid losing the interest of your clients. Next, decide on the format of your text. Make sure that your text size and shape is readable but compliments the tone of the brochure. Last, use your logo to help you decide on complementary colors. Do not go overboard with color; choose one for the background, another for your text, and another for your headlines. Make sure your images match the color scheme for a professional look.

Finally, find a company that gives you the options you need for your printed materials. At, we provide free templates for download. With full color, multiple sizes and folding options, and five types of paper from which to choose, will make creating sales brochures easy.

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