Mail ‘em Right: Tips on Postcard Mailing

Having the best postcard design is not the ultimate guarantee that your direct-mail strategy will be completely effective. Remember that between the printing process and the moment that your customer picks up your postcard in their hands, a lot can still happen that can take away what could be a possible sale for you. To prevent this, here are some important reminders for you to remember when sending out your direct-mail postcards.

Freshen up your mailing list. Before you send your postcards on their merry way, make sure that you have an effective list of potential customers on hand. Don’t just send out to anyone with an address because it wastes both time and money you would have saved by practicing targeted mailing. If you’ve done direct mail before, then you could use information taken from previous attempts in order to improve your mailing list every time.             

Remember mailing permits. In this case, you do not necessarily have to take all the pains of getting a mailing permit just to bulk-mail your postcards. That’s the beauty of having professional printing companies take care of your bulk mail concerns for you. Partnering with a reliable commercial printing company that knows its way around postcards and mailing can be a very fruitful venture in the long run. It is therefore a good idea to make your choices well.

Timing is key. The difference between a sale pushing through and falling flat can very well be the difference between your customer receiving your card on a Monday as opposed to a Sunday. It will differ from company to company, but there is usually that perfect day (or days) when it would be the best time to send out your postcards. There are of course other concerns under this (e.g. preparation and delivery time), but the general idea is that your postcards should get to your audience when you want them to and how you want them to.

When you mail your postcards right, you are better assured that money will come trickling back into your pockets in the form of positive customer response. At the very least, you will be able to spread the name of your business to the people who matter the most to you, which would open up opportunities in the future. Just keep in mind these tips, among others, and you’d do well.

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