10 Best Catalog Copywriting Tips

Writing the copy for a catalog takes a great deal of time and a lot of know-how. Without the right content and tone, a catalog will not appeal to readers, and readers will not want to peruse through and purchase items from a catalog that doesn't appeal to them. Before writing your print catalog copy, skim through the list below of the top catalog copywriting tips. With these tips under your belt, you can confidently create a catalog that interests your audience and increases sales.

1.    Step one for great copywriting is knowledge of your target audience. Know who will be reading your print catalog - this may be the general public or a specific segment of the population. Know who is most likely to purchase from your catalog, who needs the products you will be selling.

2.    Cover the products completely. When selling from a print catalog, you must assume that consumers are making decisions based solely on the information in the catalog. Give them all the details, including features and benefits, they need to make the right choice. Anticipate questions and objections and provide positive answers.

3.    Write your copy with lots of enthusiasm! You should be confident in the ability of your products and services to meet consumers' needs - convey that confidence, passion, and energy through your print catalog copywriting.

4.    Use an active tense throughout your print catalog copy to encourage your readers to take action. For example, instead of writing sentences such as, "The Power Washer 6,000 is used for cleaning house siding, driveways, swimming pools, and more" write active sentences such as, "Home owners use the Power Washer 6,000 for cleaning house siding, driveways, swimming pools, and more!"

5.    Focus on the benefits your business has to offer consumers. Does your product offer a solution to a common industry problem? Tell readers all about it in your print catalog. Do you have more service technicians than your competition? Let the readers know that your professional service department is ready and able to support them!

6.    Friendly, reliable support after the sale is the path to a loyal customer base. This way, customers won't have to think twice to purchase from your business a second, third, or every time! Make sure that your print catalog is backed up with a knowledgeable support team, ready to work through any issues that may arise and solve problems to the customer's satisfaction.

7.    Use your copywriting to create an emotional response in readers to your products. An emotional connection is vital to the final purchasing decision that consumers make. If your product solves a common problem, talk about the frustration that can be avoided when using your product!

8.    Be sure your copy has a friendly, almost conversational tone throughout your print catalog.

9.    Watch out for redundancy. It is all too easy to use a comfortable phrase too often in the process of copywriting. It may require a little extra effort to find a new word to describe the same thing, but it will make a big difference in holding the attention and interest of your readers.

10. Never underestimate the power of proofreading. Even just a couple of typos or grammatical errors can make you appear unprofessional and turn potential customers away in disgust. Get help proofreading your copy, never proofread immediately after writing your copy, and try reading aloud or backwards to insure a much more thorough job. 


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