10 Direct Mail Ideas that Work

Postcard printing is a proven method for profitably promoting products and services. The return on investment can be carefully tracked through a number of techniques, which gives business managers the opportunity to gauge the relative success of postcard printing compared to other marketing methods. Time after time, many businesses come back to postcard printing for one simple reason: it works.

In this article, we present 10 techniques that have been used for years to improve the return on investment for postcard printing and mailing services campaigns. If you are new to postcard printing, this list can help you make smart choices from the very beginning. For seasoned professionals, this list may give you some ideas for fine-tuning.

1.  Full color – Consumers expect full color promotional items, so don’t think you can get away with anything less for postcard printing. If your postcard goes unnoticed, then you wasted your time.

2.  Glossy paper – Use glossy paper to help your postcard printing graphics jump off the page.  Matte finishes are great for other forms of advertising, but for postcard printing, glossy paper is the way to go.

3.  Use print and direct mail firm – More businesses are discovering the power of working with a print company that can also handle the direct mail responsibilities. Take advantage of these services as an easy way to dramatically improve your return on investment.

4.  Product pictures – People need to see how your products and services will make their lives better. Show them with product pictures in action.

5.  Coupons – Offer your customers a coupon that can be redeemed with the actual postcard.

6.  Sales promotions – Include a call to action that involves a limited time offer. Sales promotions are ideal because they offer discounts that only last a short time.

7.  Include testimonials – Don’t forget the power that happy customers can lend to your postcard printing campaign. Include customer testimonials as another way to show the customer how your products and services will improve their quality of life.

8.  Offer a guarantee – Customers need to feel that they can trust you, so offer them a money back guarantee to help improve the likelihood that they will call and place an order.

9.  Test campaign – Take the time to test your campaign on a small sample of 50 or so potential customers. You may be able to dramatically improve results with the information you get.

10.  Follow up – If customers respond but do not make a purchase, follow up to see if you can convince them to take that next step. Often the potential customer just needs a little more information or simply to be reminded.



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