Better Advertising for the Entrepreneur

To be effective, advertisements have to reach the people that are likely to do business with you. Your ads need to attract attention, convince people that your products can make their lives better, and give them a reason to buy. The following tips will show you just how to accomplish each of these tasks.

Focus on Your Audience
Do not waste money by creating a generic ad that most people will ignore. Research your best customers and profile them. Then gear your ads to reach them. Speak their language and use colors and graphics that appeal to that group.

Find Your Audience
Put your appealing ads where your target audience will find them. If your ideal customer is a young parent, put ads in parenting magazines; if your target audience is a college student, create a poster printing design and hang posters around college campuses.

Attract Attention
Draw people into your ads with a great headline and an attractive image. The headline needs to be benefit-focused. Tell people right up front how you can make their lives better. Use an image that is eye-catching and supports your message. If you do a poster printing, the image is the first thing people will see from a distance, so make it especially interesting or beautiful.

Use Articles to Sell
Instead of relying only on traditional ads, try a soft sell in the form of an article. You can write about tips related to your industry, give information on the latest studies, or tell a story about someone who benefited from your products.

Offer Free Bonus Gifts
Make an offer irresistible by offering free bonus gifts with purchase. Include a scarf with the purchase of a coat or give a cleanser with the purchase of cosmetics. Offer free shipping, a free consultation, or free gift wrapping, anything to make customers excited about their purchase.

Include Testimonials
Display quotes from satisfied customers to help convince new prospects to do business with you. Include each person’s name and photo so readers know the quote came from a real person. With poster printing, you can display individual testimonials, photo included, and hang the posters up around your store or lobby.

Eliminate Risk
Offer money back guarantees to reassure new customers that there is no risk in doing business with you. This is especially important if your company is completely online.

Give a Reason to Act Now
Offer a discount or free bonus item for a limited number of days. Hint that supplies might run out or specify how many items you have. People are more likely to buy from you if they have a reason to act right after they read your advertisement.

With better advertising, your business will grow into the booming business you desire. Just remember that it takes time to get the word out, but if you are consistent with putting your name in front of consumers frequently and enticing them with specials, your hard work will pay off. 


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