Are Free Business Cards Good for Your Brand Image?

If you have searched out business card printing online, more than likely you have come across an offer for free business card printing. Usually free business cards offers say that for the price of shipping, you can have 500 business cards printed and shipped to your office in 5-7 days. This is a very enticing offer. It is especially enticing if you are a new business and you are trying to make the most of your start up budget. The question is whether or not a free business card is good for business, so here are some items to consider when making this decision.

Business Cards Represent Your Brand
The business card that you hand out to potential customers will give an impression about you and your business. A bold design with lots of color gives a different impression than a black and white design. In the same way, the quality of your business card says a lot about your business. If the quality of your print job, or the quality of the paper it is printed on, is less than professional, you will appear to be less than professional.

Limited Options
When you order free business cards, you will have specific choices made for you. Most often, the card stock will be of acceptable quality with a matte finish, no gloss. You will be directed to choose from a good sized selection of designs that you can customize with your information. Although these options could work for some businesses, because of your limited options you do run the risk of printing a business card identical to your competitors.

Originality Costs Extra
All extras, including editing, are usually available for an additional fee. The templates you choose have a place for all of your information, but you are very limited to the changes you can make. Printing on the back of your card is almost always not included in the free offer.

Large Increase of Options, Minimal Price
If you choose to order business cards online, you can have a lot more options for a very low price. For just about $20, you can buy 250 business cards printed on both sides from You will get a glossy finish and full color, full bleed printing. Plus, you can upload your unique design.

It is very important that you have business cards that are original and attractive. For the difference of about $20, you can have the option of printing a business card that will make your business look professional. I would say that keeping your cards consistent with your branding is worth it.


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