Business Card Printing and Style Considerations

Your business cards are often the first impression that a customer may get.  In fact, your business card may be the only impression that a customer may get.  So, a card that represents you and your business appropriately is a necessity. 
A basic card, picture cards, or folded cards are just a few examples of styles available.  Each style of custom business card creates a different impression, so choose carefully. The following are some business card styles and printing considerations you should think through.
Your basic business card
The basic business card says that you are a no nonsense type of individual.  This is important if you’re a professional, such as an attorney or accountant.  However, if you are in a creative industry, "basic" could give your customers the wrong impression.  Basic business cards historically  have been black or one color text on a white card with a one or two color logo.  Now, however, it's possible to get your card printed in full color, often for less than the traditional one or two color cost.
The picture business card
Picture business cards include either your personal picture or another picture that may help your customer connect with what it is you do.  Real estate agents are just one example of people within a certain industry that often utilize picture business cards.  It is not uncommon to see their picture on the card, or even pictures of particular pieces of real estate they are trying to sell.
Folded business cards
Folded business cards provide twice the space of a standard card,  making them particularly useful for multiple phone numbers or addresses.  Hair salons,  medical and dental offices often use folded cards for the dual use of appointment cards and office information.  The extra thickness of a folded card helps it stand out from a basic card, meaning your card will be less likely to be misplaced or thrown away.


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