How Printing Catalogs Can Be Your Path to Success

Catalog printing is by far one of the most intimidating projects a small business can undertake.  The massive amount of product information, photography, and technical specifications can be overwhelming, to say the least.
Like any other major project, there is a process that can be followed to insure eventual success.  Catalog printing is no different.  If you’re considering a major catalog printing undertaking, here is a general process that you can follow to guide the project and keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed:

The planning phase includes choosing which products will be in your catalog, the overall look and feel, and extra articles that you want included for your customers.  Planning is a vital part of the process for catalog printing.  If you do not take the time to develop this framework, you will find yourself re-collecting product information later, or worse, with a catalog that has an inconsistent look and feel.

Next, begin gathering the product information and images for the catalog printing project.  This may require collaboration across a number of departments, which is another reason planning is so important.  General product information copy may come from sales and marketing, while technical specifications may come from operations.  At this point, you are just trying to get all the information gathered into one place.

Once you have all the product information, you can begin building your catalog printing project using your favorite software.  If you have a plan for layout and all of your information gathered, building the catalog will be straightforward and painless, although probably a bit tedious.

Finally, once you are happy with your catalog printing project, print a test or proof of your final product.  Take the time to review the catalog in the printed format.  You have probably been staring at this catalog printing project on a computer screen for too long to be objective.  Having a physical copy in your hand can be refreshing and give you new perspective.

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