How to Improve Catalog Typography

A catalog's pictures are what get people's attention and sell merchandise, so they generally get the most consideration when you are doing catalog printing. However, the type you use to describe your products and tell people how to order can turn people away from your company if it is difficult to read. For that reason, how you design your type should be carefully considered. There are a few steps you should follow to create text that is enjoyable to read.
Step One: Choose a Legible Type
Some font styles are easier to read than others. While curlicues and dramatic lines can look cool, if a font is difficult to read, reject it for your catalog printing. For even more readability, you should use a serif font for larger blocks of text. Serifs are the little lines and tags at the ends of letters; some fonts have them and some do not. For headings and sub-heads, you can use sans-serif fonts because you want people to slow down and take notice. Another consideration is font size. Your font should be 10 to 14 point for ease of reading.
Step Two: Only Use 26 to 60 Characters Per Line
Our eyes get lost in really long lines of type. For that reason, your lines of text should be no more than sixty characters long, and that includes spaces. If you need to put more on a page, you can use columns to break up the length in your catalog printing.
Step Three: Use Contrasting Backgrounds
Black type on a white or very light background is the easiest to read. To work this into a catalog with a darker background, you can use white text boxes on the page. If you want to integrate text into a picture, be sure to use black type on the lightest areas of your background. White text on a dark background can be dramatic, but should be used in small amounts. If can't avoid putting print over a dark background, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. First of all, you should use a larger font because white type tends to blend together. For that reason, you will also want to have more space between letters and words. 


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