Choose Graphics Wisely for Business Cards that Rock!

A business card should always grab attention, but there are times when you really need it to go above and beyond its original purpose. For instance, you may hang you card on a bulletin board where it acts as a mini flyer. Or you might hand out your business cards at a trade show where your leads are also gathering handfuls of business cards from your competition. In order to make a quick impression that will set you apart from other advertisers, include powerful graphics on your business card. If you choose wisely, your graphics will enhance your card’s effectiveness and help you gain customers.

Evaluate Your Brand
The look of your business card should reflect the look of your brand. When you have a well developed brand, then designing your business card is much easier. The color, font, and format should be consistent with your other printed and online media.

Decide on Content
Every business card should include your name, business name, and some sort of contact information. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need multiple types of contact information. If your business name does not describe what you do, then you may need a tag line that does. The amount of content that you must have on your business card will determine what graphics you can add.

Search for Inspiration
There are thousands of business cards online. Spend a little time looking at them and seeing what works and what does not. You can see what types of graphics would work for your business and the positioning that looks appealing. Seeing what others have done may help you make a more successful decision.

Choose Appropriate Graphics
Graphics can help to define your message. If your business is auto repair, then an image of a car or car parts would give an instant signal about the service you offer. A relevant graphic will do much more for your business card than a random graphic.

Think Before Adding a Photo
Placing a profile picture on your business card can be a smart move depending on your line of work. A picture makes you more memorable and increases the connection between you and your card. If you decide to use a photograph, make sure that it is professional to ensure the best quality.

Once you choose the right graphics for your business cards, double check the positioning. You may also want to choose a printed proof to better see if your choice and placement of graphics works. Have a friend give you their opinion as well to make sure that your business card is one that will stand out from the rest.


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