Color Printing

With so many online printers from which to choose, finding a printing company can be a daunting task. Even if you find a printer that offers the services and options that you need, how do you know if they can provide high quality color printing? There are two ways a printing business can insure a professional job - through its method of printing and proofs.

Commercial printing companies today use a method called full color or 4 color printing. This four color technique uses three primary colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow) along with black ink to make images brighter and more vivid. The CMYK method adds in black ink because the three colors cannot produce a true black. Home and office printers use only the RGB (red, green, and blue) method of printing which limits the range of colors able to be produced. Remember that if you design your brochure or flyer using RGB colors on your design program, the final colour results from the commercial printer will be slightly different than the shade on your computer in the office. Fortunately, though, all modern computers should allow you to choose either RGB or CMYK color schemes from the advanced color menu.

Proofs provide your business with the opportunity to check not only for accuracy but also quality. Some printers offer electronic proofs, which have the advantage of a quick turnaround but keep in mind, the colors may appear slightly different on your computer than they will once printed, as no two monitors are alike. Mailed proofs, or "hard copy" proofs, will be a true sample of your product but can take longer to arrive, unless the printing company offers a next day mail proof.

Even with the above tips for finding a high quality printing business, you may still feel overwhelmed. End your search by using for all of your business printing needs. We print brochures, catalogs, newsletters, business cards, and much more. uses the full color method and offers electronic or next day mail proofs to insure excellence and a fast turnaround. Other services include free templates, an artwork check team, direct mailing, and instant quotes. With plenty of custom options no matter the type of order, aims to give you a color printing experience that surpasses your highest expectations.

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