Creating the Perfect Business Card

All hail the almighty business card: the keeper of information, the displayer of logos, bastion of branding, and the one thing you dont have yet. Have no fear! You too can have the perfect business card! With a little hard work and some business card printing know-how, your customers can have the ultimate communication tool at their fingertips.

Power of professionals
Business card printing is no easy task. While you may have braved the small business battlegrounds with reckless abandon, business card printing may very well be your undoing.

Professional printing firms have the expertise and equipment to efficiently produce business cards. You, on the other hand, more than likely only have a small inkjet printer. By the time you run to the store, figure out what kind of paper you need, try to build a template, design your card, and destroy your first couple of test copies, your local printing firm could have completed your business card printing project many times over.

Power of information
When the moment is right, the stars have aligned, and your customer needs a hero; your business card must have the proper information ready. What vital information must your card contain? How can you be sure your business card printing efforts will have not been in vain? Make sure your card has these key points of information, at a minimum:

  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Your title
  • Your e-mail address
  • A direct phone number

Other near vital information includes your company logo, a fax number, and your mailing address. Armed with this information, your customer can find you in their hour of desperate need.

Business card printing is not for the faint at heart. Yet no business is truly complete until their business cards are in the hands of customers. Remember, business card printing should only be attempted by professionals and you must include your key contact information. Successful business card printing can be yours, in spite of the dangers and pitfalls. But with this new found information, you and your business cards can have a happily ever after.

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