Easter: Printing and Advertising Ideas

One of the oft overlooked advertising seasons is Easter.  It’s late March or early April, spring is in the air, and people can finally quit hibernating as they have had to do in the winter months.  This is a great time to send out a call to action to customers encouraging them to come visit your store. Consider these print ideas for an Easter marketing campaign.
People are often out and about for the first time in months.  Whether they’re driving or walking, posters can be an excellent way to connect.  Use posters to announce the launch of a new product or even an Easter sale.  The goal here is to connect with customers using bright graphics with brilliant colors.  Easter is all about starting fresh, so keep your design ideas in mind with this theme.
Consider sending postcards out to customers wishing them a happy Easter and reminding them about your products and services.  An affective call to action around Easter could even include hiring an Easter Bunny so parents can bring in their kids.  Use postcards to announce this event, remembering to include times and dates along with the location.
Print Professionally
Easter campaigns are unique in that the colors and imagery surrounding the holiday are vibrant and brilliant.  This is not a time to try to pull off cheap printing.  Work with a professional to make sure that your colors literally pop off the page.  This often requires the expertise of a print shop that knows how to choose the correct paper type and can optimize your design to have the desired effect.  Professional printing firms can also help you with direct mail campaigns, which can save you time and money.

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