Flyer Printing On a Budget

When you need an inexpensive way to quickly connect with your customers in a busy marketplace, flyer printing can be the most effective tool for your marketing money. But you do not want to waste your time and money on an ineffective flyer printing campaign. So, keep these tips in mind when you are ready for a low-cost, fast, and successful flyer printing project.

Save with color paper
If you cannot afford a
color flyer printing project, consider using colored paper with black ink. Shades of gray can be used to create depth. Using color paper for flyer printing can give you many of the advantages of a full color project, but will cut costs considerably.

Striking headline
Capture your customer’s eye with a bold headline across the top of your flyer. This is especially important if you cannot afford brilliant pictures and graphics. Use a legible font and avoid text types that are difficult to read at a distance. Flyer printing should have at its core the goal of quickly communicating with your customers, and headlines are where you display your main point.

Tell a story
Help your customer connect with how your products will improve their lives. Avoid strict technical specifications unless these are the driving factors for your products. Your customers must be able to quickly identify how their lives will be better if they have your products or services.

If you can, offer a small discount to customers who bring in the flyers. This will help you track your flyer printing campaign and assess whether or not it has been effective. If flyer printing is not working for your business, you need to be aware of this so you can adjust your strategy.

Go to the print shop
Professional printing companies can produce a flyer printing project quickly and efficiently. This is especially true if your flyer printing design includes folds. Print shops can print and fold paper in seconds, and that time savings for you translates into cost savings.


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