How to Improve Your Business Cards

Almost anyone can design business cards, but do you know how to take your ordinary design and turn it into something that will be remembered? Here are some step by step ideas for recreating your typical business card that will take your card beyond the competitors' designs and turn it into an advertising machine.

First, use a unique background. If your business has a color associated with it or its logo, use it as a background for your business cards. This background color is used to give the business card character. A border still can be used to define the end of the background. For an even more unique look, a pattern is an even better background. Use a brick pattern for a brick laying business, or a wood grain pattern for a woodworking shop.

Next, be bold! Use a bold message, business name, or your name on the business card. If you are in sales, the bold message must be your name. For a business, the business name is usually the best message. For a non-profit or campaign, a two or three word statement may be preferred. 

After deciding on the main focus, use images and details. Business cards with images on it will stand out against the competition. Logos and branding images are great features for cards. Also, place cell phone, address, and other information at this time. Keep the image and other information small enough so that it does not take away from the bold message. 

Be creative by using the back side of your card. Don’t let this valuable piece of advertising real estate go to waste. The back is useful for listed details such as license and bond numbers or contact and various locations. The back of business cards is a great place for a mission statement or a small "this is how the business began" story.

Finally, create incentive and desire. The best advice anyone can give for turning your business cards into actual sales is to use a limited time offer to move prospects to action. Your incentive can be a discount or referral payments, such as "refer a friend before February for a free fifty dollar gift certificate." Also, offer a free service or product just for visiting within a certain time frame (quotes and estimates are not free services).        


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