New Year’s Direct Mail Marketing

The New Year carries with it not only the symbol of a fresh start, but many businesses are also in a position to make significant purchases.  If you have a number of business to business relationships with customers, you should strongly consider mailing services for your marketing efforts around the New Year.  Here are a few ideas you can consider for a New Year's marketing campaign.
New Year’s resolutions
Individuals and businesses have New Year’s resolutions.  Take the opportunity with your direct mail marketing campaign to let customers know how you can help them reach their goals.  Showcase the products and services that you offer which are the most relevant to these customer’s goals.
New Year’s new product launches
Consider launching a new product around New Year’s.  Use your direct mail marketing campaign to let customers know about your products.  You may have to delay or rush a product release so that it lands on or around New Year’s. Considering that many businesses are flush with cash from Christmas and new budget initiatives, this timing could be perfect
Of course, there are always promotions that you can run through direct mail campaigns.  Offering a 10% discount, as an example, may be the very thing a potential customer needs to see so that they make a purchase.  Don’t forget the importance of actually getting your customer into your store.  Hosting a party or an event at your store can create excellent opportunities for you to look your customers in the eye.
Direct mail marketing around New Year’s can be an excellent idea considering the nature of business and cash flow.  Take advantage of this season with direct mail marketing – rule one of the more effective and cost efficient advertising methods.  Don’t forget to work with a professional printing firm that you can be confident will produce excellent results and who can handle direct mailing responsibilities as well.


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