Postcard Layout Techniques

Postcards are popular because they are easy to make and cheap to print.  They are a great way to quickly share information that is important to customers and friends.  Postcards can also have a high read rate, which makes them a highly effective marketing tool.

There are few techniques you can use when laying out your postcards to make them more appealing and to improve the potential that people will actually read the postcard.
Graphics and pictures
People tend to relate better to pictures and graphics than text-only content.  Additionally, our eyes are drawn to pictures and graphics.  If you run a lawn care company, think about including vivid pictures of the lush green lawn.  If you’re an attorney, include pictures of people smiling or even people shaking hands.  These help the postcard reader connect with what it is you do.
Graphics and pictures are not enough - you still need headlines and even captions to explain the pictures.  The images on the postcard will draw the eye of the customer, while the headlines will help them understand the point you’re trying to make.

The Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio

One of the most important design principles you can keep in mind when putting your postcards together, is the Golden Ratio, also known as the Golden Section.  This golden ratio appears throughout nature, art, and mathematics.  As humans, we have a tendency to like images that utilize the golden ratio.
A golden rectangle can be constructed with only straightedge and compass by this technique:
1. Construct a simple square
2. Draw a line from the midpoint of one side of the square to an opposite corner
3. Use that line as the radius to draw an arc that defines the height of the rectangle
4. Complete the golden rectangle
This shape is attractive to the human eye and can be used to form just about any attribute of your postcards.

One way to really make your postcard stand out is to utilize a bleed.  You do this by extending your images past where the postcard will be cut.  This leaves a clean edge with no white space. can provide you with templates to make sure you design your postcards appropriately.


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