Postcard Printing Pandemonium

Many businesses have figured out that postcard printing is one of the most inexpensive yet effective marketing tools at their disposal.  There are simply few better ways to reach so many people at so little cost.  Add to the fact that many professional printing firms will handle the postcard printing responsibilities as well as the direct mailing role, and you can see why postcard printing is so popular.  

Businesses can make big blunders if they’re not careful, resulting in postcard printing pandemonium.  You can avoid many of these mistakes by learning from past failures of other businesses.  

Target audience
Take the time to understand your customer and do your best to only send postcards to these individuals.  Many businesses waste a great deal of money on postcard printing and direct mailing to customers that have no interest in their services and products.  

Too much information
Postcards are too small to give your customers a great deal of information on your products and services.  Instead, use postcards to reinforce your brand combined with a simple promotional advertisement.  Postcard printing should catch your customer’s eyes and give them a call to action.  Too much information can be boring.  

Too little too often
Postcard printing should occur on a regular basis.  People need to be exposed to your brand anywhere from 3-5 times before they will begin to remember you.  So don’t expect great results if you only send postcards out once or twice a year.  At a minimum, consider quarterly mail outs around holidays.  

Poor printing
Too many businesses attempt postcard printing on their own.  This is often a huge mistake.  Postcard printing firms can also handle direct mailing responsibilities.  They have experience and the right equipment to make sure your postcards look professional.  If you have more than 50 customers, you should strongly consider working with a professional printing firm.  

Final thoughts
Watch out for these big mistakes the next time you consider a postcard printing campaign.  A little bit of planning and an extra touch of caution is all it can take to prevent postcard printing pandemonium.

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