Postcard Marketing Tips

Modern marketers have come to rely upon the inexpensive, yet effective, postcard printing campaign. The advantages of postcard printing are plentiful: postcards are cheap to make and mail, produce hot leads, are a friendly way to stay in touch with your customers, and can be mailed to correspond with holidays.

Many businesses miss out on a few major tricks that can further optimize postcard printing. Postcards can be effective on their own right, but when you focus your marketing methods you will see a dramatic improvement in your postcard printing efforts.

Be friendly
When designing your postcard printing project, make sure that your postcards focus on friendliness rather than just marketing your products and services. The postcard should read more like a note from a friend instead of a letter from a business.

Generate leads
Do not focus on trying to close a sale with the postcard. Rather, generate leads and sales inquiries. Give your customer enough information to pique their curiosity, but avoid trying to put too much information on your postcard.

Time it for Tuesday
Average mail volume in the U.S. is far less on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so time your postcard printing campaign to arrive in your customers mailbox on Tuesday or the latest Wednesday. This will dramatically reduce competition and improve the chances that your postcard will be read.

Focus on interested customers
Do not send postcards to just anyone. Postcard printing can be an expensive marketing method if it does not produce results, so increase your return on investment by focusing your campaign on likely customers.

Print professionally
You may think you can save a few pennies per postcard by printing on your own, that you might be surprised to find that in the long term, professional printing firms will save you money. Many postcard printing companies can also handle mailing the postcard for you. Unless your postcard printing campaign is limited to a few dozen customers, professional printing companies are your best bet.

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