Postcards for Direct Mail

When you start putting your next direct mail campaign together, postcard printing and design should be one of the areas that receives the most scrutiny.  The fact is that most postcard printing efforts end up falling short, making your postcard end up in the trash can.  To really grab your customer’s attention, you can use a number of important and successful techniques.  This article discusses just a few methods to make sure your postcard printing and efforts for mailing services is a success.
Full color
Customers expect full color.  If you try postcard printing in black and white, with few exceptions your postcards will be thrown away with the junk mail.  No matter how much money you save with a black and white postcard, it is all a waste of money at that point.
Use brilliant colors with lots of contrasts to grab your customers’ attention.  A color wheel can be a fantastic tool to help you find colors that have a strong contrast with each other.
Give them a break
Consider offering your customer a time-sensitive discount.  This is a sure fire way to grab attention.  Most people appreciate a good deal, so use your postcard printing campaign to let them know if you are having a sale.
If you want to track the success of your postcard printing efforts, consider putting a unique web address and phone number on these postcards.  In this way, you can see how many customers actually respond to your campaign.  Some companies go so far as to provide separate web addresses and phone numbers for particular regions of their campaign.
Custom sizes
Consider sending custom sized postcards.  You have to be careful as bulk mail services from the post office restrict you from getting too creative.  There are specific sizes and shapes that are required.  You may want to do something as simple as rounding off the edges or as complicated as an entirely new shape.
Professional printing
Postcard printing at this level should be done professionally.  While small businesses may be able to handle short run postcard printing campaigns, once you print as few as 30-50 postcards, you might as well work with a professional printing company.  Don’t forget that many printing firms can also handle direct mailing on your behalf.  This can save you a lot of time and money and also make sure you stay within postal specifications.


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