Tricks for Making Booklet Images Look Outstanding

The world of digital photography has made editing your own images much more common. You don't just have to settle for the first picture you take for booklet printing. Photoshop and other image enhancing software have now made it easy and fun to alter your photographs. And while you could spend hours learning about photo enhancement, I have narrowed it down to a few well-tested tricks for editing and preparing images for booklet printing.
Use a camera with higher resolution.
Enhancing images is not performing a miracle. You must have a decent picture to work with. Better yet, start out with a great picture and make it better. A 4 megapixel camera should be adequate for most printing needs. Keep in mind that the higher resolution image you get, the more space it will use. However, the quality of that image should be worth it. If you would like a great resource on how to use your camera to get great shots, take a look at Photography Techniques and Photoshop Tutorials.
Focus your composition with smart cropping.
Finding the perfect angle may not be necessary if you can crop your images well. Pull the focus of your photo where ever you want it by cutting off the appropriate amount of the background. The composition of your photo can make or break the images when booklet printing, so take your time and use the right techniques. For more detailed tips on cropping your images, an article such as Making Photos Look their Best will give you the help you need for professional editing.
Enhance images with Photoshop.
You will be surprised when you find out all of the options for enhancement that are available to you. You probably know that you can make your image black and white or sepia, but you may not have yet tried adding depth to your photo with fading techniques or or other special effects. For many tutorials on using Photoshop effects, Photoshop Tricks or a similar website will help you apply effects to your photos step-by-step.
Prepare your images for the printer by saving your files properly.
This step is vastly important for booklet printing, or any printing for that matter. Sending files to your printer incorrectly can cause very costly delays, so here are some tips for getting the files just right:

  • Save your final project in PDF files because they are universally used among printers.
  • Convert your RBG color to CMYK before you send your project to the printers.
  • Send all the font files that you use to the printer with your project.
  • Always provide a proof so that your printer will know how the finished booklet printing should look.

Find more details on preparing your project for your booklet printing company at Design Shard
Outstanding images will make your booklet look professional and reliable. Take the time to edit your photos for optimum appearance and your booklet will be more desirable to consumers. 


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