Posters can promote your brand and reach new customers that may otherwise never be reached through direct mail.

 January 12, 2014

Advertising with Posters

For reaching those consumers who are constantly moving, use poster printing for advertising your business, products, or services. Posters can help you promote your brand and reach new customers that you may otherwise never reach through direct mail.

When designing posters, keep in mind that your audience must be able to quickly follow the flow. In one glance and from a distance, they should be able to know the message of the poster. With these goals in mind, follow the tips for symmetry below.

Symmetry is one of the most important techniques used in poster design because it keeps the reader’s eye automatically moving to the bottom of the poster. Proper symmetry involves minimal text and images. Some posters may only include the company logo, while others might also include a website address, a phone number, or even a headline. For those posters that do include an image separate from the logo, use one that supports the purpose of the poster. Make sure that the font you use for your text is easy to read and large enough to be seen from a distance, usually 16pt. to 60pt. Also, use the largest font for the most important information and the smallest font for the least important text. Make sure that your background color does not take away from the text. Use either a neutral or contrasting color for the background.

For professional poster printing, follow these rules for symmetry and then use a full color commercial printer. Choose a size - posters generally range from a brochure size of 8.5x11 to the larger size of 33x11, but this can vary between printing companies. Posters can come on a variety of paper stocks but are usually glossy 80# or 100#. Then you are ready to post your advertisement for all to see. Just remember to periodically check your posters to make sure that they are still effectively promoting your offer.

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