Brochures can be an excellent way to connect with customers and to communicate details about you.

January 12, 2014

Brochure Blunders

Large and small businesses alike often make the same mistakes with their brochure campaigns.  Brochures can be an excellent way to connect with customers and to communicate details about your products and services.  This is especially important when your customers do not have the time to hear face to face sales presentations. 
Yet many businesses make the same brochure printing blunders on a regular basis.  Before you start your next brochure campaign, think through some of these major mistakes that many companies often make.  You can save yourself a lot of money, heartaches, and headaches by learning from other people’s errors. 

Poor Brochure Design

Brochures should focus the customer’s attention on the most important aspects of your products and services.  Bad brochure design will distract the customer, bore them, or not excite their interest enough to give you a call or drop by your store.  Brochures can be overloaded with too much content, too many pictures, or the opposite as well.  The trick is to find a balance between an exciting visual presentation with the right information.

Poor Brochure Content

Make sure your brochure clearly explains how your products and services will help your customer.  Nobody is interested in the awards you have won, your company history, or any other information that does not help your customers.  That is not to say that your company history is not important, but a brochure is probably a poor place to include this information.

Poor Brochure Printing

In an effort to save money, many businesses will try to print and produce brochures with their own equipment.  This is often a mistake.  Few firms have the necessary expertise or gear to produce professional brochures.  Worse, once the mediocre brochures have been created, these businesses go ahead and circulate the brochures simply because they’ve already been printed. 

Poor Customer Selection

Finally, businesses make the mistake of circulating the brochures to the wrong customers.  When customers are in your store, they don’t need a brochure.  If the customers have already purchased the products and services in a brochure, they already understand what they’re buying.  Brochures should be given to customers who are not aware of your products and services, and who may not even be aware of your business. 

It’s easy to make these errors when it comes to your brochures.  So take the hard earned lessons from other companies so your brochures can be effective and useful.  Well-designed brochures with relevant content that are printed professionally and given to the proper customers are the perfect sales tool for any business large or small. 

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