Business calendars promote your company year-round, making your name a constant in the everyday workplace.

Business Calendars

A number of calendar designs are available for use as business marketing giveaways. Business calendars promote your company within another business year-round making your name a constant in the everyday workplace. Avoid handing out a promotional gift that lands in the trash rather on the office wall by knowing the most practical calendar layouts for commercial use.

1. The poster layout displays the months on one page. The larger the size, the better for business calendars. Employees need to be able to easily see the dates without getting up from their desks. A twelve month one page calendar conveniently allows for planning upcoming events at a glance.

2. Desktop calendars are stapled on the edge for easy tear-away of months and are uncoated so that important events can be written directly onto the page. Often upcoming and previous months are printed either above or below the current month. Double desktop calendars as wall calendars by including punch holes at the top.

3. Personal wall calendars contain photographs and need to be flipped and re-tacked to the wall to change the months. Because of the photographs, glossy 100 lb. paper is used, which can only be marked with a pen. Very few of these are used in an office because of inconvenience, although some offices may display them in a lobby for decorative purposes. Commercial wall calendars, though, often have a hard backing and each month can be torn off. These calendars usually are printed on uncoated 70 lb. paper so that reminders can be penciled onto the month.

Printing a variety of business calendar designs allows your client to choose for themselves the calendar they need. At, we make calendar printing easy. We offer five standard calendar sizes with the option of custom trim. Choose from #70 uncoated or #100 gloss paper type. Use our free templates for customizing your promotional calendar. Plus, our wholesale prices will help you stay within your marketing budget. So, visit today for excellence no matter your printing needs.

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