Standard sized postcards cost less than other direct mail marketing tools and are easy to design.

January 12, 2014

Business Postcards

A business postcard is a popular method of advertisement for many companies for several reasons. Standard sized postcards cost less than other direct mail marketing tools and are easy to design. To create a postcard with reliable results, follow the simple tips below.

1. One way to further economize your cost is to use your postcard as a ticket for events, a receipt for drawings, or a discount card for products or services. Utilizing this method also provides an effective way to encourage your prospect to take the next step.

2. Design your postcard with a bold headline, and then add a short line or two that calls the client to action. Both should clearly portray your message. If you choose to use your postcard as a double as mentioned above, your action line will include this second purpose. On the back, give contact details, your company logo and return address, a map, and any other important information. Leave enough room for the mailing address and stamp.

3. Use full color on the front side by using a picture or colored design for the background, but be careful about overwhelming your text. The background is aptly named for its purpose – it should simply add color and enhance the text. The back of your card can be in black and white or have some color, for instance, for your logo or map.

4. Finally, choose the hardware of your postcard. Using the standard 4x6 size cuts your cost, but some messages need a larger size for a greater impression. You will also need to choose a sturdy paper stock that will withstand the mailing. Glossy or aqueous coating looks professional and captures the attention of your prospects better than a dull finish.

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