Many businesses make the mistake of rushing through a postcard printing campaign without careful planning.

Costliest Postcard Mistakes

It is hard to argue with the fact that postcard printing is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways of advertising through direct mail marketing.  Postcard printing is easy to do and with professional printing firms that can handle the direct mail responsibilities, there is almost zero stress on your business. 
Yet many businesses make the mistake of rushing through a postcard printing campaign without taking the time to carefully plan.  This article discusses some of the costliest postcard printing mistakes that companies tend to make when in a rush. 
Wrong target customer 
If you send postcards to a customer that is not interested in your products and services, it’s a guaranteed wasted effort.  The mailing list that you choose is absolutely vital to the success of a postcard printing campaign.  Take the time to carefully identify your customers and develop a mailing list of individuals that match your ideal customers' demographic information. 
No test 
For larger campaigns especially, it is vital that you test your postcard printing.  Select a sample of approximately 50 customers and see how they respond.  If you get zero response, you definitely need to go back to the drawing board.  But you may also be surprised at the responses you get, as you may be able to make last minute tweaks that greatly improve your postcard printing campaign. 
Too much information
Postcards are designed to present a potential customer with a message that can be very quickly absorbed.  Putting too much information on the front of your postcard can be distracting.  So limit the front of the postcard to contain only the most basic information, such as a headline and a graphic.  Save all the details for the back of the postcard. 
Other mistakes 
Other big mistakes that businesses seem to make include failing to proofread the postcard, sending too few postcards, and using a design that is difficult to read.  These mistakes can be incredibly costly and dramatically decrease the efficiency of your postcard campaign.

Take the advice of those who have learned the hard way. Avoid these costly postcard mistakes for a campaign that is still easy yet builds your customer base.

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