Easter provides plenty of opportunities for increasing loyalty and sales by getting clients into the festive spirit.

 January 12, 2014

Graphic Design Tips for Easter Marketing

Easter time provides plenty of opportunities for connecting with a variety of customers. Any chance for you to get your clients into festive spirits can increase both loyalty and sales. The key to a successful Easter campaign is to be unique and sincere. Below are a few tips that can go a long way in filling your Easter basket with results.

Style - Before deciding the tone that your marketing materials should take, consider your audience. Would a more serious or playful approach be best? After you choose the right style, go beyond common themes by matching them to your message. For instance, don't just use generic pictures of eggs and bunnies, instead a car dealership might use a photograph of a truck bed full of Easter eggs with a caption such as "The ultimate Easter basket."

Color - Bold is always best, right? Correct, but when it comes to Easter colors, stick with the traditional pastels and reserve the bold for other aspects such as font type and size. You can still create a striking design with pastels by incorporating lots of white and three pastel colors in concentrated amounts. Colors are much more eye-catching when kept to sections, rather than scattered throughout in small amounts.

Tradition - Include stories in brochures or catalogs to encourage readers to flip through the material. For instance, tell about the Easter bunny or other such historical Easter stories. Use themes for graphic design ideas such as the Easter egg hunt implication for the truck advertisement mentioned above.

Icons - Bunnies, eggs, lambs, and chicks are all common Easter icons that you can use in graphic design. Don't forget about crosses, Easter lilies, or doves as well. Have your postcards die cut in the shape of an Easter image for a greater impression, such as an egg. Or simply use rounded edges to match the soft tone of the holiday.

Remember that, as with any holiday, Easter gives you a chance to gain positive PR points. So, incorporate Easter themes into your graphic design this spring and connect on a level with customers.

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