One of the most powerful, yet simple, ways to retain customers is through reinforcement of your brand.

Greeting Cards: the Perfect Promotion for Small Business

One of the most powerful, yet simple, ways to retain customers is through reinforcement of your brand. While most of us cannot afford massive advertising campaigns, there are a number of tools at our disposal for staying in touch with current customers.

For example, an inexpensive way for you to connect with your customer is to print greeting cardsCustom greeting cards not only reinforce your brand, but it also gives your company a personal touch. The following are a few ideas for when you should consider sending greeting cards to your customers.


Birthdays are the perfect excuse for your business to make a point of contact with your customers. Send them a birthday greeting card wishing them a happy birthday and don’t forget to include a business card or at least put your contact information on the back of the card. To provide an extra incentive to give you a call or drop by, give them a coupon as a birthday present.


Your company could easily send more than a dozen holiday greeting cards every year to each customer in celebration of national holidays. Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just a few of the major holidays Americans celebrate. This short list could correspond to a quarterly greeting card campaign, as an example. Just make sure your greeting cards fit the holiday spirit. Don’t try to cut costs and send out generic greeting cards all year 'round.


Many businesses have seasonal sales when they are simply trying to clear out old inventory. These promotional events are an excellent opportunity to use greeting cards. While flyers and other advertising methods are often used, greeting cards are more personal and have a higher likelihood of being read.

Greeting cards are just one of those advertising tools that accomplish basic advertising and branding reinforcement, all while providing a personal touch to the customer. When you consider that greeting cards are typically less expensive than other types of promotional campaigns, the greeting card may very well be the perfect advertising tool for small businesses.

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