A Guide to Calendar Printing

The advantages of calendar giveaways far outweigh the cost. Wall calendars displaying your company name and brand can be seen by hundreds of people in a single day, which makes calendar printing an effective advertisement. Make the most of your calendar design by using the guideline presented below.


The layout of your calendar will greatly affect its appearance. Use a template provided by your calendar printing company for correct bleed and safety zone specifications.


The photographs on your wall calendar are the main factor in the decision to hang it on the wall or toss it in the trash. Use high resolution images, at least 300 dpi, so that your pictures are crisp and appealing. Color is another important aspect to the attractiveness of calendars. Be sure to calibrate your monitor with your design program and use a printed color scheme for accurate color choice.

Paper Type

Send the message that your business is first-rate by using paper that can hold up to hanging on the wall year-round. An 10pt. stock for the cover with 100# text for the interior pages will provide more than enough durability.

Proof Choice

Never forgo a proof since any mistakes, whether in layout or copy, will diminish the professionalism of your calendar. Most calendar printing companies offer both electronic and printed proofs. Even though electronic can be quicker because of the mailing time for next day mail proofs, a printed version makes proofreading much easier.

With calendar printing, your company will be in view of a variety of passers-by every day. Make sure that your calendar project is of the highest quality so that customers will want to use your calendars year after year.


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