If you are considering redesigning or launching a brochure campaign, here are a few simple principles to remember.

How To Give Your Old Brochures A Makeover

Brochures are your ambassadors.  They promote your company, products, and services when you can’t be there to shake hands with a potential customer and explain your business for you.  This simple fact is why brochure printing is often a staple in many business’ print advertising strategies. If you are considering redesigning or launching a brochure printing campaign, here are a few simple principles to remember.

Show and tell 
Don’t make the mistake of only telling your customer about your products and services.  Show them how their lives will be better if they work with you.  Let their own imaginations work on your behalf as they begin to think through all the different ways that you can help them.  Simply stating technical specifications will not elicit this type of excitement in the customer.  Show them with graphics and pictures.

Cut the history lesson 
Customers reach for a brochure to learn about the tools that you may be offering.  The history of your company, awards you may have won, and other accolades are very rarely brochure printing material.  Get down to the nuts and bolts of what you have to offer and how you can make their lives better.

Call to action 
Give the potential customer a reason to contact you.  Use brochure printing to include a coupon, introduce a new product, or inform them about a sale.  Include dates so your customers aware of when and how much time they have to make a decision.

Professional printing 
Finally, the importance of professional brochure printing cannot be overstated.  Your brochures represent your company, so don’t let cheap looking brochures ruin the potentially lucrative relationship.  The few cents you may save attempting brochure printing on your own are very simply not worth the cost.

Brochure Printing

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