Knowing the areas of graphic design in which you wish to specialize creates a more focused, successful business.

How To Succeed by Knowing Your Niche in Graphic Design

Starting a career in graphic design can be a challenge, especially when you haven't defined your unique niche. Knowing what specific area or areas of graphic design in which you wish to offer services will help you to create a more focused, and therefore, successful business. For instance, if you know that your skills are perfect for booklet printing design, start in this niche. You can always expand later if necessary.

Here are the steps you need to take to define and fine tune your niche in graphic design, leading you to a more successful career.

Step 1: Study the Different Design Specialties Available 

The following list gives a brief overview of several design specialties.

  • Annual Reports -- Annual reports are created for companies and non-profit organizations to let their investors or contributors know their financial dealings and status for a given year. The designer's role in making annual reports is to make them look polished, and to arrange the information so that readers can easily understand it.
  • Catalogs -- Catalogs range from pamphlets a few pages long to thick booklet printing pieces. They contain product information, and anyone who sells a product may be a potential client. Catalogs have the advantage of needing to be updated often and so may be a source of repeat business.
  • Promotional Materials -- Promotional materials include items that help to advertise a company, ranging from brochures to calendars to giveaways such as mouse pads.
  • Logos, Business Cards, and Letterheads -- These are all of the necessary literature that help the public to identify a company.  
  • Packaging Materials -- These include items like labels, boxes that products come in, and grocery bags.
  • Newspapers and Magazines -- These are produced on a regular basis and so offer the chance of repeat business. Newsletters also fall into this category.
  • Graphics for Presentations -- These include anything someone might use in a presentation, such as charts, graphs, and PowerPoint overheads.
  • Signs -- This is a particularly profitable area of graphic design. Businesses need signs both inside and outside their doors. Inside signs tell people where the exits, lobby, and restrooms are. Other types of signs include traffic signs and bumper stickers.

Step 2: Make a List

Make a list of the areas of graphic design that sound the most interesting to you. Keep in mind what your skills are and as well as what you really enjoy. While you might be tempted to choose a specialty that seems the most lucrative, you will succeed most if you are really good at what you do, and you will be more likely to stay in your field long enough to do well if you really enjoy yourself.

Step 3: Gather Resources

Once you know what area you are going to pursue, get together the supplies you will need. Research and purchase the necessary software and even hardware.  You also may want to take some classes to improve your skills. If your graphic design niche will include designing print materials, find a professional printer that can provide both high quality and low prices. An online printing company usually can offer a low cost, even for higher priced items such as booklet printing, and should be able to ship them directly to your client if needed.

Step 4: Market for Your Niche

Focus your marketing on the group of people who need your skills. This will save you time and money in addition to helping you get clients. Use booklet printing, such as brochures or pamphlets, for providing details on your services. Postcards and flyers are great for targeting a specific audience, and posters or newspaper ads are excellent for reaching a broader audience. When advertising your services, be sure to use the method that most showcases your skill -- in the area that your target audience needs.

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