The 8.5x5.5 custom catalog is popular because it is cheaper to mail and lighter to transport than larger catalogs.

Popular Uses for 8.5" x 5.5" Catalogs

Catalogs, magazines, and booklets can be printed and bound in a variety of sizes, including the popular 8.5x5.5” size. The 8.5x5.5 custom catalog is popular with business owners because it is cheaper to mail and lighter to transport than larger catalogs.

The classic 8.5x5.5 full color catalog provides a lot of design real estate while maintaining a portable, lighter size and weight. provides a variety of paper choices and finishes for your custom catalog so that you can create the look that you need.

We also have full mailing and list services, so you can have your catalog printed and mailed from one location. Create a mailing list with us, or email us one you already have. We’ll CASS certify and “de-duplicate” it, and take your presorted, beautifully printed custom catalogs to the post office for you.

A 5.5x8.5 catalog is printed on an 8.5x11” sheet and folded in half, then saddle stitched at the fold to create the finished size. On the site, choose Booklets/Catalogs under our list of popular products, then 8.5x5.5 as the standard size in the Instant Pricing Guide. After that, select your other options; play around with page count, paper stock, tabbing, and more. Your quote, which appears above and below the order form, will change with different selections making it easy to find what works for your budget. prints full color, custom catalogs and booklets, and we do it extraordinarily well. Let us be your printer and show you what a pleasure it can be to work with printing professionals.

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