Postcard Printing Response Rate Enhancers

For inexpensive and effective print advertising, postcard printing is just hard to beat. With professional printing firms capable of high quality postcard printingand direct mail services, you can sit back and watch the sales come in. Of course, it’s never really as simple as all that, but postcard printing is the go-to marketing tool for many firms for a very good reason.

At the core of postcard printing success is the ever elusive “response rate.” This term refers to the percentage of people that actually call your company or visit your website because of the postcard you mailed them. Response rates typically range from 2-5%. How can you improve your response rate with your postcard printing campaign? Here are few tips that successful marketing firms use to enhance response rate, which in turn improves the return on investment.

Hit them right between the eyes

The easiest way to improve response rates with postcard printing campaigns is to have an exciting picture or graphic on the front. This grabs the customer’s attention and hopefully will get them curious enough to look at the rest of the postcard.

Bold headlines

Put your main point of the postcard printing campaign in headlines on the front of the postcard. The purpose of a bold headline is to quickly communicate your message. Remember, your customer may only glance at your postcard. So, you want to make sure you efficiently communicate what it is you want to say.

Call to action

Include a device in your postcard printing campaign that encourages the potential customer to call you, visit your store, or check out your website. You can use coupons, limited time offers, or let them know about a sale, for just a few examples. The point is to encourage them to actually do something with the information you have provided them with your postcards.

High quality

Finally, postcard printing campaigns should be in full color on high quality paper. Professional printing firms can make sure that your postcard printing is top notch, and you might be surprised to find that the prices for high quality are not as expensive as you think. This is especially true if you are mailing more than 1000 postcards.

Postcards can take your business to new heights! Capitalize on high quality postcard printing at low prices every day. Shop our postcards and see for yourself.

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