A good poster is a fabulous way to draw attention to your business, but designing a poster is a delicate art.

Design the Perfect Poster for Your Landscaping Business 

A good poster is a fabulous way to draw attention to your business, but designing a poster is a delicate art. If you know the important rules of poster printing, then you can incorporate your creative prowess. Here are the basic rules for poster printing to get you started. 
Rule #1: Choose a color appropriate for your business 
The choice of colors for a landscaping business poster should be an easy one. Garden colors like greens and bold flower colors will get the attention that you are looking for. These colors will let people know what kind of business you have before they even read the poster. 
Rule #2: Make the poster SIMPLE and easy to read 
Your message should be known immediately. Make your words count by being concise and complete when writing your poster. The headline should state your main message and then your contact information comes next. If prospects are interested, they will read on to find the details. 
Rule #3: Use pictures of your own garden to show off your abilities 
Their is no better way to explain your style and quality of work than to show people a picture. When poster printing, choose a good quality printing company that will make your photograph look great. Your photos should give the potential client confidence in choosing you for their landscaping needs. 
Rule #4: Give helpful advice to give you credibility 
Use part of your poster to offer helpful hints for gardeners. Tell them the best time of year to plant and which plants go well together. You will establish yourself as a knowledgeable landscaper in this way.

Rule #5: Describe the services you offer 
In order for someone to decide on your services, they must know the extent of the services you offer. Be sure to give a complete list. You may also include a price range so that you will get calls from serious prospects only. 

One final tip: remember that the quality of your poster is making a statement about the quality of your work. Be sure to use high quality paper and ink. Find a reliable poster printing company so that your poster looks as good as it can.

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