Fact or Fiction: Printing “Green” Costs More

Going green is an important step for businesses all over the globe, but many firms are concerned about the increased costs. What do you really get in return for printing green? These questions and others deserve to be explored, so let’s take a look at some of the answers.

A matter of cost
Green printing can cost more, but only by using certain materials and methods. You can actually save money by using green techniques rather than using expensive, recycled materials.

For example, by printing on both sides of the paper you can cut the amount of paper used in half. Smaller ad sizes and folding techniques can help you get the most out of your paper real estate and still see the same results.

You can also use distribution methods that do not require nearly as much fuel. Having the printer mail letters for you saves in transportation to your facility or another direct mail facility. Getting a group of employees to walk door-to-door to drop off door hangers can save in fuel as well.

In short, green printing does not have to cost a penny more. Just get creative and many of these techniques could save you money.

What do you get in return?
Consumers value businesses who care about the environment. If your competition is not implementing a plan to go green, you may find that you have a serious competitive advantage. Even if your competition is already “green,” you still have an opportunity to set yourself apart with creative green techniques.

You also gain customer loyalty in return for going green. According to Mintel, a research firm specializing in green marketing, 80% of American consumers fall into the category of True Greens or Light Greens. These consumers put a premium on using products and services from businesses who incorporate strategies that improve the environment.

Final thoughts
When you consider that green printing can save you money and increase customer loyalty, it’s hard to understand why more businesses are not implementing green strategies. The cost savings alone are worth the efforts, but the bonus of loyal customers pushes the concept over the top.

Even if green printing costs you a bit more, the return on investment from a loyal customer base can far outweigh these costs. Just be smart, think outside the box, and make sure your customers know about your efforts.

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