In a region that is popular with tourists, a market trend in printing “guides” has been seen across the nation.

January 12, 2014

Travel Guide Printing Trends

For businesses in a region that is popular with tourists, a market trend in printing “guides” has been seen across the nation.  Guides are those booklets or flyers that you pick up to learn more about area attractions.  Guides create an opportunity for businesses to expose potential customers to their services while also providing them a useful tool.  Here are few tips if you are in a business that could benefit from exposing tourists to your products and services. 
Big booklets 
When we say big booklets, we’re not talk about large in terms of height and width.  Rather, the goal here is to provide the customer with a lot of information.  Booklets can be bound using staples or glue, which makes them durable. 
In fact, considered printing booklets that are small in terms of dimensions.  Often, tourists will keep your booklet in a back pocket or in a backpack.  Booklets that are small in size but contain a great deal of information are more likely to be used; therefore, a tourist is more likely to become a potential customer. 
Lots of color 
Do not even worry about distributing a guide unless you are willing to print in full color.  Imagine a guide that is all black and white.  Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it?  Color pictures and graphics connect with customers more so than black and white images.  In terms of tourists, they often are traveling through an area because they’re excited about particular regional features.  Don’t waste your time with a boring booklet when this potential customer is looking for something exciting. 
Quality information 
The quality of the information your booklet relates to two items: solid regional information and accurate regional information.  You want to be thorough and give the customer an in depth look into the exciting opportunities and experiences they can have in your area.  But you must also be careful to be accurate.  One of the worst things you can do is distribute inaccurate information, inflate the expectations of the tourists, and then disappoint them.  This is one way to guarantee that you will not have happy customers. 
Guides are so popular because they give you the opportunity to provide a potential new customer with a useful tool.  Additionally, by incorporating your company’s products and services, branding, and contact information throughout the guide, you expose these potential customers to your company at a time when they’re more likely to spend more money.

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