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3 ways to raise money for your nonprofit

When you manage a nonprofit there is always a need of some type. You often find yourself trying to figure out how to squeeze 27 hours of work into a single day and perform miracles like getting $400 worth of items out of $100. For most nonprofits, this will always seem to be the case. There are so many people to serve and so few resources. Consequently, you find yourself looking for creative ways to stretch your time, money and resources. The team has come up with some ideas to help you build new interest in your nonprofit…let’s get started.

Text it – Everyone has a smart phone these days. If you want to make sure everyone gets your message subscribe to a service that allows your organization to send out a message seeking donations of any monetary value.  In 2010, after the Earthquake in Haiti, the Red Cross raised millions of dollars using mGive.  mGive works with over 500 of the finest charities in America and has helped them raise over $72 million. That is certainly worth giving a try.

Have a long list of maintenance jobs? –Filing, mowing, trash pick-up, etc. to do at your location? Sponsor a job-a-thon and get people to raise sponsor money for working a day at your place. You will not only raise money, but will be able to cross off some things on your To Do list, too.  Consider listing the names of your sponsors, especially the businesses, in the local paper/social media sites, too, as this lets people know about local businesses who are community minded.

Sponsor a car wash with a twist.  Let people know you will be taking pics of the vehicles brought to be washed. Have a small prize for the craziest paint color, messiest vehicle, biggest vehicle, etc. The choices for prize categories are endless. Be sure to have buckets handy for the money collection!

Running a nonprofit is tough work. It often seems as though there is always another need to be met, a new presentation to make, more paperwork to be filed and additional funding to be raised. Combined with the feeling that there are never enough hours in the day, never enough people to do the work and never enough money to meet the burgeoning needs of your ministry or nonprofit, and it can be overwhelming. wants to help your next fundraiser be a success. Let everyone know about your event with custom printed flyers, posters, and more. These items can go a long way toward having a successful fundraising event. From now until August 31, if you enter “VOLUNTEER” you will get 10% off sitewide, and when you enter “SERVE” you will get 25% off on our mailing services.

So set the date for that carwash or job-a-thon and get ready to have a great time raising funds! We look forward to getting you started.

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