5 Important Newsletter Tips

Newsletter printing is one way that you can connect with your customers on a consistent basis.  With newsletters, you can maintain and build loyal customers by sending them relevant tips, interesting articles, and updates.  Plus, newsletters come with an extra advantage – they may be read by someone other than your customer, potentially building your client base.  These perks of newsletter printing can only occur if every issue is captivating.  Some of the most important design aspects to keep in mind are explained below.

1. Write headlines that will grab the attention of readers.  Using headers and subheaders can also help to break up the text into a format that is easy to skim.

2. Avoid using more than two fonts as this can take away from the actual text in the newsletter.  To make different elements stand out more, use bold, contrasts, or different sizes.

3. Every article, guidelines, or entertaining facts should be relevant to your readers.  This will keep your audience interested and give them a newsletter which they will look forward to each mailing.

4. White space is a design technique that will make your newsletters more readable.  This term refers to any space between the images and text that is left blank and provides for a cleaner, less cluttered look.

5. Organize your newsletter by placing the most interesting articles in strategic locations within the layout.  Place the headlining article on the first page and space the rest of the most entertaining news throughout the different pages of your newsletter. This way, a reader will be more likely to stop on every page.  Just be sure to group similar pieces together.

Creating successful newsletters require keeping your goals in mind.  Along with following the rules of newsprint design, this insures that your newsletter printing will be worth your time and efforts.