5 Reasons to Have a Marketing Plan


There are far too many small businesses that do not take the time to develop a marketing plan.  In fact, most small business owners only bother with marketing plans when they are required by the bank in order to secure financing.

However, it is a good idea for anybody in business – no matter how big the company is – to develop a strong marketing plan.  Here are five reasons why this can benefit you.

Focus on the Big Picture
Running a business every day can make it very difficult for you to look at the big picture.  The more you get into the daily grind, the less you are able to step back and remember where you are trying to take your business.  Having a marketing plan – especially if you develop one right from the beginning – will help you to keep your eyes on the overall plan.

Good to Have it on Paper
Business experts will tell you that you should always have your intentions written down, rather than keeping them in your head.  Not only does this keep you from forgetting your plan, but it also can serve as a good motivational tool for you when you hit a rough stretch.  Remembering what you are trying to do can help you keep your focus.

Having Instructions to Follow
Many products that you buy from the store come with instructions on how to put them together.  Think of your marketing plan as your instruction booklet.  It will tell you how to advertise your company.  Every time you make up business cards, look to your marketing plan to tell you what information to put on them.  Whenever you design a brochure printing project, look to your marketing plan to help you determine what techniques to use to make the brochures effective.

A Plan is Necessary
Many people like to think that marketing plans are useless because it is impossible to predict the future.  If you don’t know how things are going to progress, why have a plan?  Well, that is poisonous thinking for any business.  You absolutely must have a plan.  A bad plan, in fact, is better than no plan.  Without some kind of plan, especially one on paper will often lead you to wander aimlessly through the business world.  If you have a plan, on the other hand, you will usually stay close to the beaten path.  And if your plan proves to be misguided, you can always change it later.

A Team Builder
Finally, having a written marketing plan can often help your team to work together more effectively.  When your employees have something to look to for guidance, it helps them stay on course and gives them something to rally around.

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