6 ways to get organized with a calendar this school year

As the clothing ads turn to back-to-school sales, the reality hits that it is time to prepare for the new school year. This year, things are going to be different. This year, things are going to be organized. You are going to get on top of planning and events. You are going to schedule and work ahead.

Sound familiar?

It resembles a New Year’s resolution without the formal name. New School Year Resolution? That’s not as catchy.

These resolutions though, don’t have to be as easy to neglect as resolutions on January 2. There is a way to make this year different. Get organized. Plan ahead. That is what you already said, right? What you need is a simple tool to help. Try creating a custom calendar.

1)      August to August Calendar – January to December calendars aren’t right for everyone. School year calendars that are dated August-August are a start. This calendar configuration will help you plan for one complete school year without feeling like it’s divided on two standard calendars.

2)      Classroom Calendar – As a teacher, you can print all of your events right on the calendar dates and give them out to parents on the first day of school. Try including project deadlines, classroom parties, and any dates where volunteers are needed. It will help keep you and your classroom parents organized all year.

3)      All-School Calendar – Easily identify and communicate school holidays, sporting events, fundraisers, and more, to everyone in the school for the whole year.

4)      Display for Student Art – Hold an art contest for students to enter, or create a calendar (for next year) out of the artwork from the past year, as end-of-the-school-year gifts. (To feature more students, include four drawings per month.)

5)      Sports Team Calendar – Whether you are coaching tee-ball or the football state champs, everyone needs to plan ahead. If everyone starts the season with the game and practice schedule marked on the family calendar for them, there will be less chance of missed practices. Use photos of the players from past years, especially if you have some of the same kids year after year. It gives a personal touch and makes parents eager to display the calendars in their kitchen.

6)      Club Calendar – Afterschool clubs or any extracurricular groups could benefit from a calendar that lays out their whole year of activities in one place. It also makes it easy to theme a calendar for dance, reading, or whatever activity the group involves.

Creating custom calendars can actually be pretty easy if you use a calendar layout service, or if you are so inclined, you can do the graphic work yourself. Either way, you’ll be glad to see it hanging on your wall each morning as you start your day. Your teachers, students, parents, and anyone else you make one for, will be thankful as well. You’ll be organized and you’ll receive fewer last-minute emails and phone calls from confused parents. That’s worth it by itself, isn’t it?

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