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8 Color Resources for Color Theory and Psychology

There’s a lot behind the phenomenon of color – graphic and web designers should appreciate this fact the most. There are psychological aspects, color theory, even neuro-marketing applications behind every color choice or palette combination. For your dose of color talk, here are eight website resources that talk all about what’s behind color:

Color Resources is exactly what it purports to be. It’s a collection of resources discussing the meanings, psychology, theory, and nuances behind the nuances. While the website itself may be visually unimpressive, the content is quite hefty and both informational and educational. is a great Flash-based resource that discusses color theory and psychology in an interactive manner. The site is complete with exercises that can flex your creative muscles at the same time feeding you your dose of color talk.

Maria Claudia Cortes’ color in motion promises a Flash-based interactive experience that focuses on color symbolism and communication. The site can be loaded in English and Spanish and launches a new window after picking a language.

The Meaning of Color is a simple website dedicated to pinpointing the meaning of colors. The site is impressive in the way it presents the meaning of colors (listed by name) in terms of culture (country or geographical demograhic) and psychological associations. is a roundup of virtually all the things about color designers should know. It’s a color course 101 that reads through color theory to studies to palette pickers in tutorial like fashion. A must see for beginners and a handy resource to look back to for reference for veterans.

Color Matters is another great reference for the experienced and more than a bookmark worthy site for amateurs. The site tackles colors in practical approaches as compared to artistic approaches and touches on symbolism, psychology, ecology, and more.

WebExhibits’s Causes of Color is an interactive look on why things are colored the way they are. It’s an inspirational and fresh perspective on color that designers and artists would revel in. WebExhibit’s home page also features more museum-like interactive tours that you can browse for inspiration and information.

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