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Graphic Design Friday: Anatomy of type

We are discussing the anatomy of type in our Graphic Design Friday video today. It outlines the basic terminology of type anatomy in a succinct, but entertaining way.

How could the anatomy of type be entertaining, you ask? Easy. It is sung to you in a familiar tune. Yes, you read that right. Since we now have a trained opera singer doing our graphic design tip videos, we are taking advantage of that. Don’t worry, there won’t be singing every week, but you definitely want to see (and hear) this one.

Yes, the voice you hear is indeed Sharon’s. She is the same graphic designer you saw in last week’s tip video. She has an amazing voice, right?

We have an infographic today too. It outlines and displays the most common typeface terminology in a fancy graphic. Feel free to pin it for future use or share it with your typography-loving friends on Facebook and Pinterest.

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