Making Friends With Your Clients

As they say, keep your friends close; keep your clients closer…well, something to that effect. In marketing, the only way for you to draw clients in to your business is to make them feel important. And the only way to do that is to befriend them. If you have more friends then you would most …

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Solutions to Reduce Postage Rate Costs

Arlington, TX October 29, 2007—The direct mail services industry is making strides in adapting to new postal rates and regulations. Clients and vendors are working together to devise solutions to the challenges associated with postage rate increases faced by the many types of organizations which utilize direct and bulk mail. These solutions include rethinking graphic …

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The Most Flexible Brochure Printing Stock Options at PrintPlace

Excerpt from : “Arlington, TX, August 02, 2007 –(– Brochures have always been one of the most common and widely used promotional materials by many businesses. They are one of the most effective portable marketing medium available. In any marketing strategy, brochures are considered to be vital visual representations of any company name, products …

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Choosing A Printer For Your Promotional Needs

When choosing a printer for your promotional needs, whether an online printing company or not, you need to consider first what kind of product you would want to produce. Based on your promotional products, you’ll be able to select the most appropriate printer, whether it’s for your postcards, flyers, or other print collateral that will …

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