Memorial Day Sale Poster

Boost your Memorial Day sales with posters

Memorial Day weekend means cookouts with family and friends, the start of summer, and mattress sales advertised on television and posters galore. Although a reference to mattress sales is often used jokingly, it is a real indication of the mindset of consumers everywhere. Memorial Day sales have grown to be expected at mattress stores and department stores. That means people are more likely to make plans to shop on their day off from work.

That doesn’t mean (unfortunately) that you can just sit back in your lawn chair and watch customers stream into your store. Although consumers are thinking about shopping, that doesn’t mean they are thinking about your business. Even if they plan to go shopping on Memorial Day to take advantage of some of those sales, you need to plant the seed in their minds about your specific sale.

Posters: Bold and informative

Posters can do just that. Posters are such an effective advertising tool because they are large enough to catch attention with a large image or headline, and still have room for specific details as well. Using them to advertise upcoming events and sales isn’t hard. Grab passersby with a bold headline about your sale, and then give dates and specifics. Including your website and other contact info will encourage shoppers to seek out more information. The more information they have about your event, the more likely they are to make it a priority in their day.

Paint a picture with your advertising

The key to any good advertising campaign is to convince someone they need what you are selling, right? It seems simple in concept, but is often forgotten in practice.

In the instance of a Memorial Day sale, start by painting a picture in your own head about who you are enticing (“targeting” sounds so manipulative so I went with something softer). Who do you want to visit your sale? What will their day be like?

If you are looking for new customers, mention how easy it is to find your business.

If you have a retail store aimed at women, talk about a day of shopping with a friend, complete with lunch. Give the specific name of a café nearby to help paint the picture of a relaxing, fun shopping day, and give a point of reference for your location.

If you have a restaurant, you can do just the opposite. Use the retail sales around you to your advantage. Mention a Memorial Day special that you’ll be offering and illustrate how shoppers can take a break there for a delicious lunch while chatting and looking through their new treasures as they eat.

More poster help

Want more help creating your poster? These tips from the Houston Chronicle show how to make effective posters for advertising. They focus on how creating good content and layout effect the success.

This white paper from Brown University breaks down the basics of design and layout for effective poster design. It explains how the best posters take into account more than just the written message. The color and placement have a lot to say too.


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